Need Help finding a MB, with 2000fsb

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Oct 25, 2006
  1. I've looked over the interent and kind not find a Mb with 2000fsb. I'm looking to build a new pc, with amd dual core, socket 939. I prefer, DFi or an asus motherboard, I'll spend about $110, or $130, for one. I look on the manufacutrer website and then zipzoom fly, or newegg, and the specs tell me different. I dont wanna take a chance and buy a mb thats 1000fsb. Does anybody know of a mb socket 939 that is 2000fsb? or is 2000mt/s the same thing. Thanks for your help.
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    So if a mother boards is 1000mhz fsb, and 2000mt/s it means its 2000 fsb correct. Thanks for your help, i looked at that dfi one, and i think i like that one.
  4. nickslick74

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    It is a very popular board and has been around for awhile, so it has most of the bugs worked out of it.
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    AMD Processers actually don't have an FSB. The FSB is what connects the processor to the rest of the system but since AMDs connect directly to the memory instead of through the northbridge, they do not have a FSB. Instead they have HTT for CPU to RAM and an HTT for CPU to The rest of the system. The 2000 mhz is the speed of the HTT.
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    ??? AMD XP processors have a FSB. This is not necessarily true.
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    He suppose he meant AMD processors after the AthlonXP. ;)
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