Need help, hd not loading xp.!!!

By cheesepuff2007
Dec 6, 2007
  1. ok so here is my situation: i recently moved everything(mobo, video card, new power supply though) from one case to another, except the hard drive. In the new case i put a hd from another pc, which had xp.

    The hard drive would only load in safe mode. If i tried to load it up normaly it would go the the xp screen load a little and then restart. I tried putting in a clean hard drive, and reboot it with windows.

    however i would reach the refomart part, and it would copy the files(you know that blue screen when you boot from the xp cd), but then after when it restarts and is done copying the files it would say "error loading operating system".

    so i have tried all that i could think that i might be it.

    so any ideas what it can be?

    please ask any question that i might not have answered or that you think might be significant into fixing my situation.
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    do search for loading sata drivers if thats the new drive your using
    make sure the disc is clean
    delete drive before you start over do not make a 2nd partition until the OS is installed
    use only 1 stick of memory unless motherboard calls for pairs
    don't have other hardware installed unless video you need
    past that it could be bad memory stick ,optical drive,a cable and or bad hard drive
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