Need Help Installing Magix Music Maker 2005 Deluxe

By amnesia
May 26, 2005
  1. I've uninstalled on, I know. But the first time I installed, there were no problems...simple. Now, after maybe two weeks of taking care of some viruses and trojans on the computer, it doesn't want to install again. Everytime I try and run the installation program, it gives me a different reason to why it doesn't run. And I really need it back, very bad. But I have absolutely no idea what to make of any of the reasons it gives me, as I'm not very smart with these codes and stuff. So I will show you the things it gives me...and hopefully someone can make some sense out of it and help...please, thanks.

    One :
    Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed.

    Two :
    Sometimes, the program actually runs...but if it actually does start to ALWAYS stops and says something like..."error, I/O error"? something along those lines...and it says bad or corrupt file. It isn't the cd because it is spotless...

    Three :
    When I click on the program file....the hour glass starts to turn, as if it were going to work...then a box pops up and says an error occured...well you know what I'm talking about, the one that says you can send the error report to help...hah. HOPEFULLY someone reads this and can help me? Please, and thank you.
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