Need Help Locating Error!!!

By sillyfishyboy
Jul 6, 2007
  1. Hiya, I seem to have had a major meltdown .. my pc started freezing and randomly powering off, I have found that my main hdd has a couple of errors which could explain the freezing, however am unable to do a long memtest test as the pc crashes, also borrowed a copy of spinrite, but seemed to freeze when trying to gather disk information. My problem now is, how do I identify what is causing the pc to power-off .. first thought is the power supply, but havnt smelt any burning and it always turns right back on once it crashes, so with my limited deductive skills, my main culprit is the motherboard/processor .. but dont want to buy a new set only to find that it was the ps. how can I check, unfortunately I have no backup power unit to swap out .. is there any other way?

    Also does anyone know how long spinrite is supposed to take to gather disk info? maybe I am turning it off too soon.

    many thanks
  2. sillyfishyboy

    sillyfishyboy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    have just been looking at my psu calculations etc, when I originally got it, I calculated that I would be well within the limit with a 450 watt psu, however calculating now im not too sure, some are telling me 350 watt, but a couple are recommending 500+. the one at (which seems more precise than most) is just below 500, I am also aware that my psu isnt from one of the best makes (meaning that I should add about 30-50 to my calculations) .. could this be causing the problems .. well I know that potentially it could casuse these problems, but is it likely? And I guess the real question is, if I replace my psu will it resolve many of the issues, or will a potential psu issue have damaged my motherboard, graphics etc. (have been using this for about a year)
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