Need help mixing SATA and IDE

By MrBlockHaus
Sep 14, 2005
  1. Hardware gurus...

    I have a Dell Pentium III with an IDE hard drive. I want to use the box as a server, so I need lots more drive space. Therefore, I got a couple 250GB SATA drives on the cheap, and a PCI controller card to hook them up. But now, my problem is that when the system boots, it insists on ordering the SATA drives before the IDE drive, so that I'd have to put the OS on one of the SATA drives.

    That won't work for me, because I want to boot to the old (small) IDE drive, and mirror the SATA drives for data storage. The BIOS has a setting for which controller to boot to first, but when I change the setting, save and reboot, it resets back to IDE->SATA. Not good.

    Does anyone out there have any suggestions?
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