need help on drivers oc and bmarks

By maheswar2006
Mar 13, 2006
  1. Dear frens, my request is a bit long but please dont get bored reading it. Any suggestions will be most welcome. I will acknowledge my results.

    My system specs are on the bottom of this page.

    1) what is th difference between the nforce4 AMD platform driver and the other AMD/INTEL X16 driver?

    2)My A64 3500+ (manchester) 2.2 GHZ is OCed to 2.5 GHZ thru the bios and clockgen . Do i need 2 adjust any voltage, FSB etc etc settings? (am noob in OCing !!)

    3) what GPU and CPU tempetature is ok for BFG 7800GT OC (OCed to 500/1150) Is it too high? Should i go to 450/1100? Please look in my system specs for hardware info.

    4?is it ok to put my case (with the right panel removed ie motherboad backsite) directly on the airflow of my Room airconditioner (16 degree C) or am i harming my rig withj iths type of cooling??

    5) when i run CPU benchmarks during 3dmark05 pro and 3Dmark06 pro
    my rig crawls at only 0,1,2 fps. is it normal?

    6) N just 1 more thing i ve posted my benchmarks below. what do u think of the results? Normal? High? or Low?
    do post ur benchmarks also. i would love to see them !!

    And ive got US $200 to spend! what upgrades do u recommend 4 my rig??


    Athlon64 3500+manchester (OCed to 2500 MHZ)
    ASUS A8NE nforce4 ultra MOBO
    1 GB Corsiar dual channel DDR400
    BFG 7800GT OC (OCed to 450/1100)
    Stock cooling but 4 high speed ANTEC fans blasting on all sides of the GPU and kept directly on the airflow of my Room airconditioner (16 degree C)

    160GB seagate 7200.9 SATA HDD
    SB Live! Audigy2 zs
    1 liteon and 1 samsung DVD RWs
    500 watts ANTEC smartpower
    WinXP prof SP2 and WinXP 64 Dual boot

    3DMARK 06 pro 3647 3dmarks

    3DMARK 05 pro 7492 3dmarks

    3DMARK 03 pro 17189 3d marks

    3DMARK 2001se 27886 3dmarks
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