Need Help on hard drive

By kmalone0023
Oct 10, 2005
  1. I have a Dell 3000 with 80 GB hard drive. I want to upgrade my hard drive 160 GB. What kind do i need. I know i can get it at But do i need an internal or external hard drive and what is the difference. PLZ HELP.

  2. iss

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    you want an internal hard drive. and once you have installed it you can reformat your 80 gig and use it as a secondary drive for storage and or backup.

    the difference between and interanl hard drive and an external one is that the interanl drive is hooked up thru the mobo's IDE and an external drive is hooked up thru a USB connection. you dont want a external drive for a primary drive holding your OS as many Mobo's dont suppport booting from a USB connected device. ( although most newer mobo's do)
  3. kmalone0023

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    Thank you so much for the much needed info. I am now going to watch the steelers lose on MNF. Have a good night!!!!
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