Need Help Please (GoBack 3 vs. autochk in WinXP)

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Jun 10, 2003
  1. Need Help Please

    Here is my Windows XP problem. I loaded Roxio GoBack 3 Deluxe on my system. Once the installation was complete, my computer restarted. It POSTs fine, then GoBack runs, then the OS loads. The screen changes over stating that autochk skipped. autochk.exe is missing. The computer restarts and the message comes back up. It is looping. I tried booting in Safe mode and it does the same thing. I tried booting from the XP CD so that I can run the recovery. I ran chkdsk /r and it completed errors. I rebooted and it is still looping. I had to reload the system. Once I completed reloading the OS, I installed GoBack again. The computer came fine until I installed SP1. The computer could not fine autochk.exe again. Anybody know what else I can do? GoBAck has nothing on it.

    Thanks for any help
  2. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    Windows XP already has a limited version of Go Back in it. I have never talked to anyone that had installed the fulll version of go back taht didnt have problems.

    the simplist solution is get rid of Go Back its crap.
  3. cason

    cason TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Are you talking about the startup and recovery section under System properties\advanced? I don't have to have it is just bugging me as to why this errored out in a loop. The autochk.exe missing is the 25 cent question.
  4. iss

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    well if I have read your post correctly your problem statrted when you installed go back. so it is a pretty safe bet that the problems caused have been caused by go back.
  5. Danny Trout

    Danny Trout TS Rookie

    Goback and XP

    Same problems here. Symantec (who now own Goback) told me a variety of things, including RAID drives/drivers/chips will not work with Goback.
    Tried disabling XP's restore facility from the Start/Help menu on both my hard drives, but the problem recurs. Perhaps Goback should be removed first before disabling restore points and then reinstalling?
    Also, Goback leaves stuff in your registry that may foul things up and Symantec have a tech page on cleaning it up for the Home edition of Goback (save a copy of your registry first though!).
    Autochk exists in the System 32 folder and maybe by making hidden files visible the problem can be fixed? A guy at work suggested this and I will try it later.
    Overall though, it may be a good idea to seek a refund as Windows ME and XP have restore as part of the system and Goback uses 10% of your hard drive by default. Symantec have a 60 day refund option.
    All the best,
    Danny Trout
  6. Nic

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    GoBack has always worked for me, though I don't use it due to my multi-boot setup. GoBack can restore any files that have existed on your drive, and it works from boot, whereas XP recovery feature can only restore system files, and only if you can boot into windows. I think you need to have version 3.1, or later, for use with XP. Make sure you get the latest patch, though I don't know where you would find that now.
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