need help please with proccesors

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Mar 20, 2005
  1. i have a pentium III 900mhz and i want to upgrade is there a specific type of proccesor or does it have to be the same brand? what do i need to know? ive heard things about the motherboard i just dont know can sommeone help me? its formy new video card BFG ASYLUM GEFORCE FX5200 256MB AGP VIDEO CARD. i just wanna make it faster
  2. ppsssooo

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    also if anybody can ive heard someone say overclocking what is it how do you do it and would it help me
  3. Justin

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    What we need to know is what motherboard is being used. If your motherboard can support Tualatin processors, you can go as high as 1.4ghz without overclocking. Be warned though that even the aging P3 1.4ghz Tualatin-S is going to be relatively expensive. You could likely get an entirely new motherboard + processor for less money. If, however, you can get a faster p3 used (say off ebay), you're in luck.

    But anyways, first find out what motherboard you have.
  4. ppsssooo

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    and where might i ask on the board would i know what type it is
  5. Justin

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    It varies from board to board. On ASUS motherboards there is a white lettering string on the center of the board. On ABIT boards there is usually a sticker underneath the last PCI slot. On Intel boards it is imprinted between the CPU and the RAM in small white lettering.
  6. RealBlackStuff

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    get Everest Home Edition free on
    Run that, it will tell you what you have, plus a whole load more.
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