Need Help Pulling Out The Processor In A Dell 2400

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Apr 4, 2006
  1. Well I'm no stranger to the computer world and I've built a few computers in my time. But the processor sitting on this ol Dell 2400 of mine eludes me, I can't find anyway to take off the heat sink with out completely destroying the processor. There are no Levers to pull the heat sink off with, like most M-atx mobos provide, it simply looks like it's glued on. So if anyone can help me by giving me a solution that will help me safely recover the processor I would be most appreciative, Thank you :)
  2. vnf4ultra

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    On my dell 2300, which is similar(afaik) to a 2350 and 2400(and maybe even 3000), had a heatsink only, with two metal spring clips that hold it on. The spring clips hook into the processor heatsink mount/shroud that is around the processor. To release it, I had to compress the springs down a bit and pry the hook out of the holes in the heatsink mount on the one end of each spring clip. The one end of the spring clip was hinged on mine, it is the end you should try to release. Your heatsink may be slightly different though.
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    Thanx man, but i figured that If I yanked on the Heat sink hard enough i could just pop it off. It was glued to the processor as i thought but I didn't damage the processor in any way yanking it out :) I've got a new problem now... I've heard of all the problems with dell cases and I ran into one last night as I was installing my new motherboard. I got the new motherboard in and hooked everything up, but when I plugged the computer in and tried to fire it up the computer did nothing... I tested to see if the PSU was bad but it worked and the motherboard seems to be in good condition. I'm thinking I either killed the motherboard with static or the connector from the power button to the motherboard isn't compliant or isn't sending the signal correctly.
  4. KingCody

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    is it another Dell motherboard?? If it's not a Dell mobo, then you need to get an ATX power supply unit.

    As far as I know Dells use a proprietary components including the power supply unit, the power connector is the same as an ATX 20 pin connector, but the pin layout is different (if you plug it into an ATX or mATX board, chances are you'll fry the motherboard).
  5. RealBlackStuff

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  6. lolotrgeek

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    Nevermind I figured it out :) it wasn't a problem with the motherboard, PSU, or cable! it was the heatsink/fan. The heat sink was to tight on the CPU and the computer wouldn't start because of that, so i just lossed the heatsink on it and then It booted up. But now I'm having trouble getting into windows... Again if anyone wants to offer help I would be grateful :) but I think I know what to do :)
  7. vnf4ultra

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    AFAIK, the only problem you could cause by having your heatsink too tight would be crushing the cpu(which is permanent), so I don't see how loosening the heatsink could help. It shouldn't be very loose, it has to make good contact to transfer the heat well. Also, did your front panel connectors(power button, leds, etc) match up on the new motherboard? Mine did not and required modding to get it right. Dells in this series use an atx power supply albeit a low power 200-250w one, so the board shouldn't get fried by the psu.
  8. hamdaman

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    does the dell 2400 with celeron processor have a PCI 2.0 slot ?
    thanx :grinthumb
  9. AtK SpAdE

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    I have replaced many PSUs on newer dells without a hitch. THis includes a 2300. If I remeber correctly, Dell uses HiPro PSUs, which can be replaced any ATX PSU.

    Are you sure you have the power switch properly wired?
  10. KingCody

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    ok...i guess i was wrong

    ...out of curiosity, around what year did Dell start using ATX PSU's??
  11. AtK SpAdE

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    I believe dell has used standard atx PSUs for some time now. I know their old p3 machines had propitery, but i know newer ones do not. I work with dell optiplex and precision PCs all day and all the parts are fairly standard. The powerswitches are a pain in the backside to wire however.
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