Need Help Quick - win 2000 pro problem

By lb7and8
Sep 12, 2006
  1. i have a laptop (which isnt mine) i had to remove that drastic thing spysheriff from it which i did, i had spysheriff infected on my own computer a few months back and i was fine, however when i removed the spyware (spysheriff) with xoftspy i had to reboot the laptop, after rebooting i logged back onto the windows profile and saw "my documents"

    so my problem is, why is it showing me my documents when i log in now? also there is no task bar, no start button, no clock, theres no desktop icons (can be found by going through the my documents thing though

    what is the error and how can it be fixed,

    Thanks in advance for anyone who posts to help
  2. lb7and8

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