Need help removing *.DM

By keahi ยท 6 replies
Feb 3, 2007
  1. before you discard this thread please read.

    i have looked on many forums and found ppl with the same problem but never a solution.

    The problem.
    i downloaded a crap game instaled and uninstaled it( in the correct manner)
    when it came to removing the download manager from my desktop i got the error message 'the file or folder is in use by a program or user'.

    i used task-manager to close all non esential prosseses and tryed again to the same result.
    i then rebooted my pc in safe mode and trey to delete it from both my 'normal' and 'admin' acounts both failed, after scaning it with 'mc afee' it tells me the file is corrupt but it tryed and failed to delete it, also i have tryed with norten av from another comp but this also fails,

    im runing XP home the file is called 'HotRodASD-dm' detected as a corrupt .exe file.
    the file was downlaoded with fire fox

    please help me if you know how, PLEASE dont post telling me to do something i have already tryed.

    i have looked around many other sites and found some ppl who have claimed to have found a soloution to the problem.
    they claim that when the .exe in 'downloads' is removed the .dm can be removed. i located the .exe file and succcesfully removed it but the dm wont go. still i have have this -dm on my desktop like a nail in my ***.
    the folder created for the install is deleted, (when i uninstaled it i did do it via the uninstall .exe)
    the .exe for the install is also deleted from the download cach, all that i know is left in the dm on my defktop and it wont go. going mad considered cutting part of my screen out but that may be not so good :(.
  2. nicky_x

    nicky_x TS Rookie Posts: 23

    try to delete it in the safe mode
  3. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    reinstall the program, and try and uninstall it now.

    rename it and reboot. Try and delete now.

    if the program was uninstalled properly, but you still have a file left that it didn't uninstall, then try using a program like pocket killbox (cant remember exact name) and select that file with it to delete on startup.
  4. keahi

    keahi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    try reading the topic before you read.

    it is not part of the installed program but the download manager.
    it downloads and saves the install for the game in a 'downloads' file. this has been deleted after the program was successfully uninstalled and all of the files of the instaled program were removed.

    the download manager is a 208 kB file which downlaods and saves the file.

    renaming of the file cannot be done as it is in use and all write operation are disabled.

    ill try killbox
  5. nivlems

    nivlems TS Rookie

    Try to turn on in safe mode and delete it in the dos mode.
  6. nicky_x

    nicky_x TS Rookie Posts: 23

    in the safe mode nothing will use the download mannage so you can delete it
    have i misunderstand anything? feel free let me now
  7. keahi

    keahi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    nivlems dos is purly a text interface to windows, but i tryed it and it failed.

    nicky nothing was using the download manager, it regestry for the file was currupt. so i would NOt delete in safe mode as windows would not alow it.

    N3051M thankyou killbox worked on reboot :))
    very happy your da man
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