need help setting up a LAN

By lindy-lou
Feb 15, 2006
  1. ok i have 2 pc's 1 running on xp and 1 on ME,i have put a network card in the ME one and connected them with a cat5,the ME one keeps saying hardware does not support modem and something about HAL,what should i do?sorry if im being dumb :confused:
  2. lindy-lou

    lindy-lou TS Rookie Topic Starter

    can anyone give me some advice? :(

    kWOLBERT TS Rookie

    First off you cant connected two comuter to each other, you will need a cross over cabel, or a switch/hub.

    And it seem you are having a problem installing the network card. In oder to fully understand the problem you'll have to post the error message in full. I would make sure to uninstall all the drivers for the network card, remove the network card, and start over. But if you post the error message I can assist you better.

    p.s. Windows ME Sux!
    Check out "Worst OS Ever" Form

    Later `Keith

    kWOLBERT TS Rookie

    Is This IT ?

    is this you error :

    Hardware does not support Modem
    Cannot Load HAL Driver
    Cannot Open Stream

    sound like you are trying to use a modem driver for you network card
    Make sure you manual install the software for you network card, dont let windows do it for you.
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