Need help to burn DVDs

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Dec 3, 2005
  1. Just purchased Sony DW-Q30A Cd/DVD +/- burner. I got it to burn a cd, but can't get it to burn a DVD. Using NTI DVD Maker software that came with burner. Blank disks are recognized, but after a "sucessful" burn, the burner and one other DVD player (attached to TV) just give message "no disc inserted." I tried a second, identical burner (bought it for my son), and got the same results. Can anyone help me get this burner to burn?

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    what brand of media and type ( DVD+R or DVD-R) are you using? are yu sure that the burning program is recognizing your burner and using it to burn and not a "image recorder"? I do no use NTI so i am not entirely familar with it's interface.
  3. richm

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    Type of Media

    I'm using NexXtech DVD+R, and have also tried Dynex DVD+R.
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    Ive had pretty much the same thing. Won't recognize blanks or just comes up with an error message when I try to phsically drag files into or use Nero or Roxio etc. I tried using Dynax DVD+ r's for my dvds. Im currently using a (Sony DVD+-RW DW-D56A) for my dvd drive that my laptop came with. I upgraded drivers and it still doesnt work. Although it does play cds, burn cds, upload dvds etc. Basically everything except burn dvds.
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    Help burning DVD's

    Here's an email reply I got from the support folks at (their software, NTIDVD Maker, came with my DVD burner). Obviously, I have to buy other software to burn a DVD that will play in a DVD player. Just burning a MPG/AVI to a DVD is like putting it on a CD, but it will not play automatically from the DVD.

    "Dear Customer,

    Our software gathers the information that will be sent to the drive. The drive handles the physical writing to the disc. If the drive is failing to write onto a certain type or brand of disc then it might not fully support it. A video TS file or folder is a modified movie file. These files or folders come from the disc itself. If you have an mpg file then it will not be supported by the DVD video TS option. MPEG files and AVI files are supported with the VCD or SVCD options (use CD media only) some DVD players will play this type of disc.

    Best Regards,

    Angel - NTI Technical Support"
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    What kind of media are you trying to burn? If it is actual dvd movies you won't be able to do it until you get certain software.
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    If you are wanting to backup copies of your DVD movies then go to and download the 30 day trial versions of CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD. and try them.
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