Need Help to figure out why KOTOR closes while Im running it

By lalocanales
Jan 7, 2005
  1. You see, I run the game and it suns smoothly on my GeForce 4 Ti but then all of a sudden after a minute or two a box shows up reading

    "Kotor has found a problem and needs to close
    Sorry for the inconvienence, blah blah"

    and then im back to windows.

    Should I get me some driver or something? I just dont know what the problem is.

    I hope someone has an idea, thanks.

    PS: by the way, I tried another game, RC Tycoon 3, and the same thing happens.
  2. koka

    koka TS Rookie

    Exactly the same problem

    lalocanales I have the exact same problem that you have and I'm very frustrated because i've tried many things and it doesnt work yet so please anyone help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or lalocanales if you have discovered the solution please tell me!!
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