Need Help Uninstalling Windows Media Player..

By Jasio- ยท 6 replies
Aug 1, 2006
  1. I want to uninstall windows media player from my computer. I can't find it in Add/remove programs and i don't know of any uninstaller for it. Help. I just want to install an older version (11 Beta ---> 10)
  2. Didou

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    I believe the only way to do so is to use the system restore function to a point prior to the Windows Media Player 11 (beta) install. If you do not have that, the only way to get rid of that version would be to re-install the OS.
  3. Jasio-

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    Well then.. *grabs bat*.. thanks for the advice..
  4. alidabiri

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    there's a way to uninstall media player. you just have to have it show up in "add/remove program" panel.
    do you know how to edit sysoc.inf file?
  5. alidabiri

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    locate sysoc.inf file in your windows folder.
    your should see a line like this: for windows media player, like wmp something:
    get rid of HIDE, so that the line will look like this:
    media player or any other program will show up in "add/remove programs" panel.
  6. Jasio-

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    >.< I dont have a sysoc.inf? Or i just cant find it =/.. I have a sysocmgr, but that gives me an error about Invalid Program Arguments.
  7. Peddant

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    How to uninstall Media Player 11:

    Go to the add / remove programs in control panel.
    If you're using XP SP2, you'll see a 'show updates' box at the top of the add / remove programs. Turn it on.
    Select "Windows Media Player 11".


    Click the START button and select Run.Type in: regedit in the command box.
    When the regedit window appears, expand the HKEY LOCAL MACHINE by clicking on the plus sign to its right.

    Now Click on the plus next to SOFTWARE, then MICROSOFT, then WINDOWS, then CURRENT VERSION and finally UNINSTALL

    When you expand the Uninstall folder, you'll see all the programs currently installed, such as the uninstall Windows Media Player or etc.

    Click on the folder you want to uninstall, in the box on the right you will see five strings:

    DisplayIcon, DisplayName, ParentDisplayName, ParentKeyName and UninstallString.

    Double click UninstallString and a box will appear with the uninstall string highlighted.

    Right click on the highlighted entry and select COPY.

    Close the Regedit window.Select the START button and click RUN.

    Right click inside the command box and paste the uninstall string and click OK to uninstall Media Player 11.
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