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Need help upgrading video card

By ANNE4632
Apr 5, 2006
  1. Hi, I have a HP Pavillion desktop a705w and would like to upgrade my 64mb video card so I can upload and burn my home videos onto DVD. I have no clue what I need to buy. I believe my computer has PCI slots instead of AGP which helps narrow it down but I'm still clueless as what to get. I contacted a tech person from HP and he never would tell me what kind to get just gave me a URL link to update my codes. Which makes no sense to me either. I hope someone can help me so I can get busy saving precious home movies. :)
  2. Golferman443

    Golferman443 TS Rookie Posts: 29

    I would probley get the geforce fx5500 or maybe if you want to go lower than that you can just get the 5200 or if you dont like nvidia you can get an ATI card. Possibly the 9250. There isnt to many selections for PCI anymore. I myself have the 5500 cause im stuck with only PCI to. So i would go with an nvidia card if it was me. I really dont like ATI to much.
  3. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,382

    Hello there, and welcome to Techspot!

    We need a bit more clarification on what your needs are. You say you want to burn some movies onto a DVD. What format are your movies currently in? Are they analog (Hi8 for example)?

    If so, then what you need is a video capture device. These are a little different from a simple "graphics card", as they let you input video (from a camera or VCR for example) to your hard drive. Some "graphics cards" do both (input and output), but most will only output video.

    I have this one and have no complaints: http://www.adaptec.com/worldwide/pr...&prodkey=AVC-2010&cat=/Technology/Video/Video
  4. ANNE4632

    ANNE4632 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi, I have a digital video camera that uses the DVC tapes. I've transfered video using my firewire cable to the computer but the sound is choppy and cuts out. I have the hp dvd movie writer dc3000 to burn the dvd's on and I believe I read that it has the video capture built in. I haven't tried to burn anything yet because the quality of the video after I transfer it, isn't worth burning. When I play the same video from the camera through the tv it looks and sounds great. I'm also planning to burn old home movies from VHS through the VCR. I contacted a tech from HP and told them what I wanted to do but they kept asking me what kind of codes was I getting when I tried to transfer the video. I don't get any codes, it transfers just not at good quality. They sent me this link http://h18007.www1.hp.com/support/files/hpcpqdt/us/download/22289.html?jumpid=reg_R1002_USEN
    I downloaded it but it appears to just be an upgrade to WinDVD. I haven't tried uploading the video again since I just finished downloading the link but I don't see how that's supposed to improve the sound quality. The tech never would tell me what kind of video card to get, just said a PCI. I haven't a clue what I need. Also, do I need to upgrade my sound card too?
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