Need Help: Wat is 'buffer' and its usage????

By RyonanGT ยท 4 replies
Nov 24, 2003
  1. And does it hav any relation with error correction or error prevention????

    Plz help........!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wave:
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Sounds like you should ask this in the Storage forum.
    Assuming you refer to a cd-burner, the buffer is a temporary storage for the data that is being sent to your cd during the writing process. The larger it is, the better.
    If you have buffer-underrun protection like Burnproof, this keeps the buffer from running "dry" or empty, so your cd-writer will only write when there is something in that buffer, otherwise it halts until the buffer refills again.
    Very important if you have a slow CPU or a big workload going while burning.
    Without this protection, you would end up with a coaster.
    SCSI-burners are less prone to produce coasters, as they do not rely so much on CPU-availability.
  3. RyonanGT

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    its the moderator who moved tis thread here.....

    so according to ur definition, does it hav any relation with error correction or error prevention????

    Sorry, i'm not very good at tis.... :p
  4. Rick

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    The buffer, in ancient times, was the only thing that kept you from burning a bad CD.

    The buffer is data that is temporarily stored in memory for fast access. This helps your comptuer keep up with the demand of a fast CD-RW for example. Otherwise, your hard drive may not be fast enough to allow the CD-RW to do its job, and then things get out of sync... Giving you a bad CD.

    Nowadays, the buffer is next to useless. The reason being is "buffer underrun technology" allows the CD-RW to stop and begin recording at any point on the CD. So if the buffer runs out because your computer can't keep up with the burner, the CD-RW will actually stop and pickup where it last screwed up.

    That's about as basic as I can explain it anyway. Hope that helps.
  5. RyonanGT

    RyonanGT TS Rookie Topic Starter

    now i understand already...
    thanx man :D
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