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Nov 27, 2006
  1. My friend gave me a bt Voyager 220V router to use on my computer as he got a new router which worked. after going through the process of installing the router, i got told i needed to connect using a bt broadband account which i don't have, i'm with another isp and was wondering is it possible to connect to the internet on both computers on a different ISP. if so can somebody plz tell me how, its obviously on adsl because the modem/router is adsl

    The two pc's i want to network both with internet sharing:
    Pentium 4
    180GB HD
    1GB RAM
    XP Home

    Pentium 4
    1x 30GB HD
    1x 110GB HD
    512MB RAM
    XP Home

    the router/modem has a slot for "internet" or DSL but after plugging in the dsl line the light just stays off, nothing happens
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    setup both machines as single systems for internet
    add a nic to both machines set these to a static lan ip thats diff from the other 2 EI:
    now that does not break anyones TOS
    yet both can see the other
    use cross over cable for this
    or get another switch

    in my area the phone company has to run a seperate line for the other ISP
    this does not apply to cable
    but you can have a dsl and cable setup as long as your phone service is not on cable/digital
    at one time I had all 3 no problem
  4. Yakob

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    sorted it now, ty for the help tho
  5. Yakob

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    Router problems.

    i have managed to get my router to work but it won't let the other connected pc to go online.

    plz help...
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    Did you run network wizard on both your systems? Are you using 3rd party network software?
  7. Yakob

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    grrrr..... i din't think of that -.-
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    What does your router status page say?

    Are you familiar with getting into the router config page (aka 'web admin')? Type the IP address of your router into your favorite Internet browser (IE, Firefox etc..) and press enter. You'll be prompted for a username and password - consult your manual.

    The IP of most routers is either (Most other brands), (Microsoft, Belkin) or (Linksys)
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    got that, can access web on one pc but i cannot on the other, i can access the admin page on both comps, and i've swapped wires again and again but still nothing, it's as if the comp hates the router :p
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