Need help with a webgame called there at lag,after updates)

By danby
Jul 18, 2005
  1. hi,i have a virtual reality game called there.It is a web game.i have been on it for about a little over a year now,and have had little toubles(just a small amount of lag).Well anyways lately ive been having alot of troubles with lag.its so bad i cant function in the world.It keeps flinging me back and forth all over.I contacted the help for the site and they said it was my firewalls settings.So i did everything they said to no avail.then i contacted norto(because thats my antivirus)(norton systemworks 2005)and did all it said to do.ive been reading microsoft about opening ports and tried that too to no avail,it appears they are all open.Iy all happened after the last update they had.i deleted and then put back in all the exemtions and rules ,but that didnt help.I have also configured my windows firwall.Now i do have dialup because that is all theta available here where i am in ak.,but it did work fine before.So if anyone has any in put to help me on this problem it would be greatly appreciated.P.S. i have also checked all updates for grafhic cards and ect,all are fine and updated .I have a ge force2.ok ty.
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