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Need Help with basic DVD Data burning Problem

By ACCPresident
Oct 24, 2007
  1. Hello all...
    Been having an issue for a while now with my Gateway laptop. I can format the system, re-install all my software per my setup, and then burn one data DVD successfully, and after that, all my burns fail. I'm currently updating my Nero software to Nero, in hopes that will resolve my problems, however I'm not relying on that. Hoping someone can advise that's better w/ burning than me. I know Nero creates a log, however I need advise on how to access it...

    Thx for assistance... Plz feel free to ask what ya need to know...

  2. Fragrant Coit

    Fragrant Coit TS Guru Posts: 345

    Have you tried different Media?

    Some of the cheap stuff is woeful, unless you want Drink Coasters...

    You can also try slowing the Burn Speed {when you get to the final bit in Nero where you can rename the Disc etc, click on the left side of the box and it'll give you the option of what speed to burn at}.
  3. ACCPresident

    ACCPresident TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Napster Music Service Corrupts Burning Process

    Found the problem...

    Apparently, when I got my Napster Music Service account w/o the burning option, Their software does something to ALL the burning software to prevent you from burning their copyright material. They don't want you being able to burn their music if they aren't getting paid for that part of the account. However, when they set that up on the machine, it also prevents you from burning any other material as well...

    I had to re-install AND Update Nero in order to re-establish my burning capabilities.

    I've also confirmed that this wasn't an isolated instance. Twice now after formatting my machine and installing Nero prior to Napster, I have had this issue. This time I found the solution. Nero has to be install after installing their software...

    Naturally, as you can expect, I will be contacting them on this matter, and someone will get an ear full, making sure that they resolve this issue immediately or remove this from their service. I don't appreciate paying for a service and their software prohibiting me from doing something on my machine that has nothing to do with them. The way they have this setup, if you were to need to back-up your hard drive, for example, you couldn't do it if you weren't using their burning service for their music.
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