Need help with computer build.

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Aug 29, 2006
  1. i need to build a new pc for my studio and i need a little help it has to have atleast 4 PCI slots not PCI-E just PCI anyone know a mobo that can also it need to be able to support a dual core and DDR2 minimun of 6 gigs. also intel has the new conroe out whice is better intel conroe or an amd dual core plus 4 usb and 4 firewire 800 thanks for reading this.

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    Requiring 4xPCI slots is going to dramatically limit your Core 2 choices. Most good performing Core 2 motherboards use the 945/955/975 Intel chipsets and these generally only have 3xPCI slots.

    You can probably find an NForce or VIA chipset Core2 motherboard with 4xPCI, but then you'll be crippling the Core 2 Duo/Extreme as these dont have the best support for memory latency/performance (i.e. are just voltage-mod'd Pentium D mainboards).

    I'd say go with an AM2/Dual-Core for this reason... unless you can find a way to reduce your PCI needs. I'm unsure why you'd need 4xPCI slots unless you have some legacy expansion bus cards your studio utilizes.
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    If you want more firewires and USB. add a drive thing that goes where a CD drive goes. Or add a PCI card. And why do you need 4 PCI lol?
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    Yeah but if you add a firewire pci card when there want be enough PCI slots
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