Need help with computer freeze

By jpm
Apr 2, 2006
  1. Need help with reoccurring computer freeze issue. Rough timeline and system components are listed below. Thanks for any help.

    Pre-BIOS update: The system was built in Jan-Feb time frame and ran flawlessly for two or so weeks but then started to freeze on occasion. No warnings or error messages. The freezing progressively got worse, occurring under all operating conditions, during boot, when launching programs, and resizing windows. The system became predictable and would always freeze when an IE browser window was re-sized. The problem occurred with different GPUs, operating systems (Windows and Knoppix), RAM movement to different slots, and minimized peripherals. Memtest tested RAM as OK. PS voltages are fine, CPU temps below 95F based on BIOS. The theory was that the MB was causing problem. MB shipped out for repair.

    RAM was re-tested on different computer, error were found. RAM currently in RMA processing.

    Post-BIOS update: MB back from repair, BIOS updated to latest version, system rebuilt with new temporary RAM, re-formatted HD, and newly installed OS. System ran fine for 3-4 hours but eventually started to freeze. No error on temporary RAM with Memtest but I'm not sure that means much. CPU temps running below 95F based on BIOS and PS voltages are OK. Still not sure if MB is cause or not.

    MSI K8N-Neo4-F MB
    AMD Athlon/64 3200+ venice CPU
    Powercolor Radeon X300SE PCIE GPU
    512 MB RAM (temporary until RAM RMA is processed)
    WD Caviar SATA HD
    Windows XP Home SP2
  2. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    Welcome to Techspot.
    If you are not overclking ,arbitrary freezes are not usually hardware like BSOD's.
    I lean towards a software/driver issue.I would start in the Bios settings.Re check stuff like Cache settings Memry hole,PCI setting conflicts,IRQ's etc.
    Check your hardware Sites for know conflicts.
    Check in Windows Event veiwer for errors
    Check System information>Hardware Resources- For conflicts and forced hardware .
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