Need help with forecasting spreadsheet

By TS | Thomas
Jul 10, 2006
  1. I've been trying to create a spreadsheet for forecasting department performance. Needless to say it's been causing me some frustration. I'll try explain it as best I can;

    We receive batches of emails & letters daily to be processed. The values concerning us here are the Date & the Total for the date.

    Inevtiably work will be left over from the previous day which will need to be added onto the total.

    We assume an average output of 5 processed per hour.

    Working hours vary (Staff may be ill, holidays, other tasks...), but we assume 35 hours daily is spent on task.

    We are usually lagging up to 2 weeks behind the current date.

    The spreadsheet should be able to tell us what date we will be processing each batch on.

    I'll try knock up an example of what I had in mind & attach it to this post. Hopefully some Excel experts out there will understand what I need ;) I know it should be possible to do, but my searches aren't paying off at the moment.

    Attached are the "Old" forecast spreadsheet (Which I don't understand the fucntioning), the other is the current worksheet used, which isn't particularly good enough.
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