Need help with front panel headers

By rycker · 8 replies
Oct 5, 2006
  1. first time on the web site just have a simple problem i can't find the sequence of the (PWR LED blue & white cables) (HDD LED red & white cables) and (PWR S/W black & white cables) on the motherboard I have a emachines T3624. Thank you
  2. Ididmyc600

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    Hi Rycker and Welcome to the TechSpot Forum

    I did a google on the machine and I found this link.

    Might be what your looking for

  3. Overtheedge

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    Emachine T3624 Connecting Front Panel Header

    Hi, This should be alot of help for you, see page 31. Ive done this so I can be of some help if you cant figure out the diagram.. Good luck
    Google this Intel® Desktop Board D845GVSR Product Guide and go to the pdf view and then to page 31.
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    What you are looking for is referred to as the front panel header.
    I am not familiar with emachines .
    But usually the row of connecting pins [f.p. header] for the hhd led, pwr s/w, pwr led etc. are usually on the very front of the mobo on the left edge. If you look very closely the area I refer to has all those connections are printed along each side of the f.p. header.
    The attachment should give you an idea where to look.....remember this image is not your mobo. Good luck. Let us know how you make out

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    This thread was made in 2006 by a member with 1 post
    Why did both of you feel that the member still needed help?

    Working from Overtheedge's post, here's that page:
    Click to maximize

    I have replied to inform others, that the best place to start is the User Manual
    But pretty sure member rycker has worked it out now though :rolleyes:
  6. xerras

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    I didn't look for a date, I usually do.
    However I found this post in "todays posts".
  7. Overtheedge

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    I dindnt look for a date either, But this is still good info for someone searching. Thanks anyway kimsland for the quick response.
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  9. Overtheedge

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    Hey i have an emachine T3624 and the mobo was fried cuz it was in a cabinet for 2 years and overheated. I replaced the mobo and checked the ps, now i dont have video and no way to install anyprograms. Im thinking I bought a bad mobo from china? Ive unpluged everything and pulled the ram and no beeps? not good! any info?
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