Need help with graphic card

By infanticide
Nov 14, 2004
  1. Hi
    I'm not sure if this is the right board or anything, but I'm really desperate for help. I'm no expert of computers, but I recently bought a computer for playing cool games.

    Since it's pretty fast and so (the information about my computer should be showed in my signature), I decided to test it on some games that demands it. So I've installed Doom 3 and Far Cry, but even though the Video Options are set to medium or so, it still doesn't work well.

    So I figured I have to update the drivers for my graphic card. And here's the point where I'm lost. I have ATI Radeon 9800 256 mb (on the receipt for the graphic card it says only that, but on ATI's webpage there's only that graphic card but with PRO in the end), but I don't know how to update the drivers. The only thing I found was Catalyst Control Center, but does it really update the drivers for the graphic card? Or do I have to do anything else? Or could my problems running these games be caused by something else?

    Please help me
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  3. infanticide

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    Yes, that's the link for the Catalyst Control Center. But I've downloaded it, and it doesn't seem to fix my problems.
  4. Need-Help

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    Help me with this plzzz

    Ok heres the problem..

    I have an S3 Graphic at least thats what it says. So when i tryed installing Diablo 2 it sayed no video card i started looking in my computer and found that the S3 Graphic was broken, oh and its says (code 10)...I really want to fix this plzzz help me!!! :eek:
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