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Dec 12, 2007
  1. I am running XP Home Edition with SP2. Attempted to update IE to new IE7. Received errors when going into pogo and IE automatically closed. I went into add/remove and uninstalled it. Since removing IE7 when I open Explorer it is not connecting as it did before and I cannot use Favorites in IE. Last night I attempted to click on a link within IE and I had 68 IE pages open - would not stop opening. I finally got them closed. It is opening IE all by itself now! I am also not able to use my address bar anymore. If I leave more than one thing open now I cannot see anything all programs are just blank and the system locks up. I have to do an emergency shutdown to restart as the Task Manager won't work.

  2. pdyckman@comcas

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    I would completely uninstall all IE applications. Use add + remove programs, physically remove it from 'my computer' etc. When you can go on 'search' and enter 'Internet Explorer' & it's all gone...then reinstall it. Also...see if you can use 'system restore' first (if you want) might work. Good Luck.
  3. Bobbye

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    "I had 68 IE pages open - would not stop opening. I finally got them closed. It is opening IE all by itself now!"

    This can be a sign of a malware infection on the system. Have you scanned with your anti-virus program and two or more spyware/adware programs, updating each right before the scan.

    IE7 is not an update for IE6. IE6 is a Windows Component. If you uninstalled IE7 correctly through Add/Remove Programs, there is no reason that returning to IE6 should cause this problem.

  4. mrsdkellysr

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    Gave up

    I did scan with Norton, Ad-Ware, HJT and Pest Patrol - Nothing that wasn't resolved at the time of attempt. I have given up and started to wipe everything and now have my Windows ME back - now I am havind an issue with my "upgrade" to XP. Hoping that tonight I will get that resolved and be back up and running. As to post from Bobbye - mine too started on its own. Last night before wiping out I found that IE would open a second page for every one click and then LOCK. I attempted to use the Netscape that came with my system - would not allow it to update - I could access the internet but, it would not do anything but give me java errors - it absolutely would not update ANYTHING. So last night I proceeded to start from scratch with it - 2 nights of hassle - Cannot seem to fix so I am going to reinstall to factory spec and forward - I will let you know how it goes!
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    There's not much doubt you've had a browser hijack. Did you run your logs through on the Security forum? The classical, multi-page browser launches that can't be stopped speaks very loud with the voice of malware!

    I can lead you through the Event Viewer in Windows XP to try and see if there are Errors we can pinpoint. Another sign of a malware infection is not being able to get some updates. But I'm not sure of which operating system you're actually working with.
  6. mrsdkellysr

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    Not sure what it was

    Did you figure out what caused yours? Been messing with mine since the IE update on Monday - Got tired of it as couldn't seem to find anyone that had any idea what was going on? I tried to restore back to original and it locked up on me so via DOS I formatted my C drive completely. It has taken a while but now I at least can get online at home again YAY! I am still working on figuring out why my Authentication key for my windows XP will not work - emailed them tonight too. But, all is well other than all my lost software/pictures I had on here - thank goodness I back alot up on disk. My system is WAY faster now too! LOL

    If anyone knows anything about the key codes to reinstall XP please let me know!
  7. mrsdkellysr

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    I completely formatted my C drive and reinstalled everything. I have had NO problems since. Hubbys laptop started the IE thing right after auto update to 7.0 - went in and uninstalled it and selected not to ask again. All has been good since with both machines!
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