Need help with IPs

By Thor8
Mar 6, 2006
  1. Hi guys
    I was just given a DSL-302g router with my new broadband connection. Everything is going great......but, when I look at my network connection it says that my IP is assigned by DHCP (whatever that is) and gives it as . Now thats all well and good but I went to connect to my mates PC over the net to play Quake 4 and it wont connect because the computer broadcasts my IP as . Does anyone know how i can get my computer to broadcast my REAL IP address ( Please Help!!
  2. Jimbo420

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    Just go to the status page of your router and it should give you the actual IP address that it is connected to your ISP as.
  3. Ididmyc600

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    Let me explain Routers and NAT (Network address translation)
    Your router recieves it's address from the ISP, under normal circumstances you would only need 1 address in this case 210.x.x.x, however as we now all have a need to add more PC's to our 1 address ISP we invented the router, the job of the router is to take requests from PC's and send them onto the Internet, to do this it gives each PC or Xbox and address in a set (some can be changed) range in your case 10.x.x.x.

    Now you can have multiple machines using just the one IP address because the router translates the information from all the PC's and sends it out to the Internet (NAT)

    It's not the computers job to broadcast the correct address as it doesn't know it as it recieves it's address from the router (NAT), it's the game your playing, you see when you play across the web using a router your game is using the address assigned by your router using DHCP (Direct Host Communications Protocol) which in this case is in the range 10.1.x.x some routers use

    The only way you will be able to get your PC to broadcast the real address is to bypass the router completley, and hook the PC to the Cable Modem or whatever device connects you to the web. You then however wont be able to share the web.

  4. Thor8

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    The bypass issue

    Thanks guys for your help. I still have one prob though. I went to bypass my router but the phone line goes into the ADSL port then there are two ports that you can plug into. One is Ethernet and the other is USB, both cables (either the USB one or the Ethernet one) have a clip on the end to plug into my network card. How can you bypass this?? Also I went to the routers page and say my IP address there but that seems to be as far as it gets :eek:
    Thanks in advance - Thor
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