Need Help With My Batch App...!!!

By Deviouz
Mar 28, 2007
  1. I need some help with this quick batch app im making that uses HSTART.EXE & ROBOCOPY.EXE
    Basicaly it checks the Recycle Bin and all removable storage drives for files & then copies all of them to C:\0\1
    But i need to figure out how to prevent Robocopy.exe from running the same command thread twice at the same time
    when the bacth reapeats over on itself again, if its already in the process of copying files over..
    How can i do this..??

    {> BATCH CODE APP <}

    start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\Robocopy.exe C:\RECYCLER C:\0\1\REC /XX /mir /r:0"
    start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\Robocopy.exe E: C:\0\1 /XX /mir /r:0"
    start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\Robocopy.exe F: C:\0\1 /XX /mir /r:0"
    start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\Robocopy.exe G: C:\0\1 /XX /mir /r:0"
    start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\Robocopy.exe H: C:\0\1 /XX /mir /r:0"
    start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\Robocopy.exe I: C:\0\1 /XX /mir /r:0"
    start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\Robocopy.exe J: C:\0\1 /XX /mir /r:0"
    PING -n 5
  2. Deviouz

    Deviouz TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 70

    I think i fixed it to work right..



    tasklist | find /i "R-copy-1.exe" && goto SKIP-1
    start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\R-copy-1.exe C:\RECYCLER C:\0\1\REC /XX /mir /r:0"

    tasklist | find /i "R-copy-2.exe" && goto SKIP-2
    start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\R-copy-2.exe E: C:\0\1 /XX /mir /r:0"

    tasklist | find /i "R-copy-3.exe" && goto SKIP-3
    start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\R-copy-3.exe F: C:\0\1 /XX /mir /r:0"

    tasklist | find /i "R-copy-4.exe" && goto SKIP-4
    start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\R-copy-4.exe G: C:\0\1 /XX /mir /r:0"

    tasklist | find /i "R-copy-5.exe" && goto SKIP-5
    start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\R-copy-5.exe H: C:\0\1 /XX /mir /r:0"

    tasklist | find /i "R-copy-6.exe" && goto SKIP-6
    start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\R-copy-6.exe I: C:\0\1 /XX /mir /r:0"

    tasklist | find /i "R-copy-7.exe" && goto SKIP-7
    start %MYFILES%\hstart.exe /nowindow "%MYFILES%\R-copy-7.exe J: C:\0\1 /XX /mir /r:0"

    PING 1 -n 5

    I just need now to find a way for Robocopy.exe to not overwrite files in the destination DIR , if in the source DIR it copies files with same names that are in the Destination DIR, but rather renames the new copied files..
    You know the switch for that at all..???
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