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Mar 27, 2004
  1. Hi:

    I just bought a Maxtor 80Gb HD. I took out my 40Gb made it a slave and put in the new one on master. I used the Maxtor CD and set it all up, formatted it and installed WINXP PRO. So, far so good. I went to my old drive which was still labeled C:\ (new 80GB drive was now G:\) took off everything I wanted on that drive and moved it over to the new drive. Then I went back to my my computer right clicked my old drive C:\ and formatted it.
    Hoping that with nothing on that drive or no OS on it when I rebooted my new drive would become C:\ and my old formatted one would now be G:\....................... apparently since I am here in this forum, that did not work.

    Now that I screwed this up, LOL, how do I get my old drive to become G:\ and my new one to become C:\ ?? Also, there is a D:\ drive, this drive is physically part of my 40GB drive, I reserved 5GB for storage, so C:\ and D:\ are all the 40GB HD.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Welcome to TechSpot Forums

    I'm afraid changing the boot partition letter requires formatting again. If you want to do this, change the drive letters for C and D before beforehand (you can do this with Disk Management tool, found in Administrative Tools - Computer Management), so that C will be available when you're asked to create / format a new partition.

    Personally, I don't think it's that big of a deal, after all, it's just a letter, doesn't do other than that, so I wouldn't mind boot partition being G, S or Z.
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    It worked like a charm!!! I know that a letter (C: or G:) doesnt make too much difference for most people, but I do alot of file manipulation, and saving of graphics, and its easier to scroll down the list to C, than it is to G, LOL. How lazy is that! LOL

    But thank you so much, it is appreciated
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    BTW I should have welcomed you to Techspot earlier, so Welcome
    I hope you will return so you might particpate again.
    P.S. In your last post you said you preferred not to scroll past C:\
    a little friendly advice ;You should make it a habit of doing your file manipulation on all your drives except C:\ if it is your system drive.You will have much less problems by keeping Windows as isolated as possible and Win will also behave much better.
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