Need Help With overclocking.

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Jan 28, 2008
  1. I'm trying to overclock the computer i built. So far ive gotten my intel core 2 duo e6300 up to 2.07 ghz. I raised the fsb to 1185 from 1066. Whenever i try to raise it anymore the system does not boot. I have a 2gb ddr2 pc2 533. I think the ram is holding me back, but if you couldn't explain to me why i cant get any higher overclock i would appreciate it.
  2. Crosscourt

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    You could try increasing the rams voltage and see if that helps but more than likely youve reached the limit of your rams ability and may have to upgrade to faster better quality ram if possible.

    Overclocking is a strange thing as sometimes hardware will oc better than expected ,other times ocing goes poorly.

    So much depends on the stability/quality of your motherboard,ram,bios,using very good cooling to mention a few.
  3. facethefury

    facethefury TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I tired increasing the ram voltage to 2.00 then to 2.05 and i could raise the fsb up to 1240 from 1066. When i start windows it freezes up. Should i raise the ram as high as it should go, which is something like 2.2?
  4. Crosscourt

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    Yes you can try 2.2 and leave the fsb at 1240 and see if it will boot ok...

    Im assuming your not having any cooling issues with the cpu?
  5. facethefury

    facethefury TS Rookie Topic Starter

    no, the cpu heat is not a factor at all, each xpu core is running under 40c at max load. Ill try the 2.2 and see what happens. Thanks for your input.
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