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Aug 3, 2008
  1. I'm new to this forum so if this isn't in the correct place, please forgive me. I'm having trouble printing and no sound is on my pc. I have a dell dimension E510, had the hard drive replaced a yr ago, had the motherboard replaced 6 mths ago. last week a blue screen came on and said corrupt files were on there. I took to a computer tech and he replaced memory stick. Since then I have no sound, went to device mgr and it displayed no sound device detected so I went to dell and installed 3 different ones with the correct model number and still doesn't work. Also the computer doesn't reconize the printer even though its displayed in the control panel but when I go to hit print the print button is gray and it says no printed is installed. I uninstalled the printer driver and tried to put the cd to reinstall but it will not take it. the message sayscould not load the installer for image, please contact your hardware vendor for assistance. Whe I try to go in some websites I get a fatal error messge saying Acrobat failed to load its core DLL and the computer freezes.
    PLEASE HELP.....
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    Please go here: Dell Drivers

    Select the link under Drivers and Downloads
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    I did that this morning, installed 3 different drivers and it didn't work.
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    Be sure you uninstall or disable the old drivers before you install the new ones.
    Connect to Dell online and let Dell scan your system. See 5150/E510&os=WW1&osl=en&catid=&impid=
    read the instructions and follow them exactly... as it is not an obvious fix.
    It is possible to have Dell check your configuration and scan for drivers if you type in your Service Tag at the Dell Drivers and Downloads site.
    Then look in Device Manager for yellow or red flags related to audio.
    There is only one driver set for that computer. Putting drivers not designed for it, will bugger it up.
    Use a free download such as Belarc Advisor ( to scan an inventory your computer and provide ideas... or access your invoice which lists the configuration as purchased by you to get the exact sound configuration if you are uncertain.
    Also be sure you have the downloads related to Chipset, etc. You can tell from the Device Manager if other drivers are missing, and any of those others being missing can affect your install and setup.
    But most users I talk to simply do not understand the procedure for installing the audio drivers, and those explicit instructions at the Dell Support site will tell you exactly what to do....
    But you old drivers must be disabled or removed.
    Good luck.
    Let us know how you finally conquer that machine.
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    We need more information. You said that you replaced the hard drive. Did you install xp or vista on the hard drive? If vista then your printer and sound card may not work, ie if they are not vista compatible. Please post more info about the system.

    Another possibility is that you have multiple instances of the dirvers, thus causing a conflict.

    Please post more info.
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