Need help with svchost processes.

By Dayus
Mar 9, 2007
  1. Hi,

    I've been trying to slim down some of my background processes, and i've identified pretty much all of them now, and decided werther to disable them.

    However i'm stuck on some of the windows svchost processes. I have a total of five that startup automatically and run all the time, consuming system recourses.

    This is what i've identified them as:

    1) svchost.exe - DNS Client
    2) svchost.exe - Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
    3) svchost.exe - Web Client
    4) svchost.exe - Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)
    5) svchost.exe - Wireless Zero Configuration

    I've read Tech-spots Windows XP Services Tweak Guide, which says not to disable or terminate the RPC svchost, and Web Client & WIA are self explanatory, so i'll be setting those to manual startup, and hopefully that will get rid of them, but on DNS Client, it's abit hazy as it says "Should your Network &/or Internet connection require the ability to resolve DNS addresses set this to Automatic. This can be verified be checking the Properties for any connections in Network Connections. If no DNS Server is specified then you can set this to Manual." i checked the properties of my connection provider in Network Connections, but i must be looking in the wrong place as i can't seem to find any reference's to specified DNS Servers, where abouts is it ? (my connection type is ADSL)

    Finally, on Wireless Zero Configuration, the guide says "Provides automatic configuration for the 802.11 adapters. Should your system require support for 802.11 devices set this to Automatic, otherwise you may leave it set to Manual instead." i use a SAGEM F@ast 800-840 USB ADSL WAN Adapter (Modem), which is not wireless, so can i set this option to manual ? and hopefully that will get rid of that one - as it's the worst one, eating a hefty 20.5Mb.

    Thx, Dayus.
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,835   +895

    you're doing just fine -- good research :)

    Leave the DNS Client active; you really want it to cache dns requests.

    As for the Zero CFG; it's arbitrary. Clearly if you don't use wireless you don't needed
    AND you've discovered it's function and can easily re-enable/start if ever needed.
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