Need help with voltages, hardware etc etc

By Catmaykate
Mar 29, 2007
  1. i have just upgraded my computer from a 2.6ghz cel with 1gig DRR1, 256mb AGP with a IDE HD to a -

    3.2ghz 2core Intel

    1GIG DDR2

    128 PCI-E 6600 GT

    M/B - gigabyte S-series 965P-DS3P

    And a Sata drive

    (dunno if you would like more info)

    i set the computer up all by myself (did ok for a girl ha.) and did everything right work all good the first time but i have a feeling that something is worng

    Anyway it feels as if my computer is not going any faster then my old system, when i use CPU-Z with my new system the voltage seems to be low and with other benchmark software my GFX card seems to be on a low voltages as well. Also my sata drive seems to be very slow, i had my old IDE drive for about 4 years and when i got this new one i would think that it would have been faster but i can not see the dif

    so anyway what I'm thinking is that my psu is to low 400w (the shop guy said it would be ok) and for my sata drive i dunno wtf is wrong with it, i will post some screen shots maybe someone will see something that i could not

    this first img shows my multi at x16 then in the 2nd screen it shows x12 it jumps between the 2 ever 3 secs.




    Please tell me i'm paranoid
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