Need help with wireless router Westell Versalink 327W

By cerrone
Dec 11, 2007
  1. Hello from Italy.
    My name is Koko. One of mine American friends gave me a router - Westell Versalink 327W. (since this is my first post here I couldn't put any link with device description in my message) The exact model number is A90-327W15-06. The problem for this particular model is that it is specially designed for Verizon and unfortunatelly I don't have any software/disk/idea for it. I tried to search the Verizon website but I didn't suceed much. What is worst my friend left Italy, so now I have the device only and I don't have an idea how to run it. Could you be so kind to help me solve my problem. I'm running a laptop with Vista on it and I need the wireless router for it. Any idea how can i get some software for it?
    Thank you in advance
  2. fastco

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  3. cerrone

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    Thanks for the reply.

    My Sony laptop has Windows Vista on it and it has a build-in wireless capabilities .

    I'm going to read the instructions now, and hopefully everything will start working from the first setup (As far as I know myself best, things usualy starts working on the 6th or 7th time).

    One question from me: On the link you provided, should I download the Link Logger program or I should use only the configuration page with the setting for the router? Hope my question is clear :)

    In any other case I will search for help again.

    Thank you
  4. fastco

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    Only download the software if you need it. Try the configuration first.
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