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NEED helpfinding a better motherboard, intel, DONTKNOW MUCH ABOUT COMPATIBILITY

By awsskater892 ยท 11 replies
Jun 28, 2006
  1. Hi, im looking into a new motherboard for my computer. the reason i want to do that is because i want to turn it into a video editing computer. I have a intel pentium 4 cpu 1.90GHz and dont know what works with it. im hoping to not spend over 150 on it. but closer to 100 is better. after i get the new motherboard ill start getting a better sound and videocard. thanks so much.

    Some more specs because idk what you need to decide on weather it will work with it or not:

    intel pentium 4
    package: pga-423

    Model:p4sta, pcb version
    chipset: i850, rev. a2

    graphic interface:
    version: agp version 2.0
    transfer rate: 4x
    Max. supported: 4x
    sideband: enabled

    Type: rdram
    Size: 512mb
    Channel #: dual

    Hope this helps, thanks again!
  2. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    Sorry but updating that setup is a hopeless cause. the intel 850 chipset was the best chiset available for the 423 socket processors. and it would be difficult to even find a replacement board for the 423 socket much less one better.

    You could add more Rdram but that is going ot be fairly expensive. if your serious about upgrading your looking at a new CPU, MOtherboard, Ram, and probably video card.

    * if that is an 850 chipset then that should be a socket 478 processor. in which case all you will need is anew mobo and ram (DDR) one of the best available is the Asus P4P800SE.
  3. awsskater892

    awsskater892 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 96

    hmm. sounds good, how much would the cpu and motherboard cost? like a decent set? i really didnt want to spend over 150. but if it can be kept under 200 and still decent, then that would be ok.
  4. awsskater892

    awsskater892 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 96

    I actually have a 1gb stick of ram laying around, so if i have to go to ddr, im fine with the ram.
  5. awsskater892

    awsskater892 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 96

    plus i could make some money selling my motherboard, ram, videocard, and processor on ebay, atleast about 100.
  6. IH8PunkRock

    IH8PunkRock TS Rookie Posts: 26

    ok these motherboards already have cpus on them and they arent intel but they run like 4x better. these are 64 bit processors not 32bit.


    go there and check out all 3 pages. look at the more info and eveything cause i got a motherboard that i didnt like and made everything compatible with it. i soon had to buy an entirely new computer.

    most of these motherboards will handle anything u throw at them
    video editing requires some good stuff so ur price range is aimed a little low but u could slide by with 150-200.

    good luck
  7. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    a asus P4p800SE will run about 90-100 dollars. if you want the best performance from either the intel set up or AMD you need TWO sticks of ram to run dual channel.

    Havning done business with Tigerdirect before I WOULD NOT purchase anything from them, if you decide to then go with the Abit or Asus boards listed and not the other third rate crap boards that are listed there.
  8. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    Hi awsskater-
    The problem is, if you're planning on buying hardware- AGP and DDR memory is basically obsolete. I would NOT recommend investing much/any money going down this road as modern systems now are all supporting DDR2 and PCI-Express.

    Also, it wont be as simple as just bolting-in a new motherboard/cpu. Your system is old.. very old. This would be a prime indicator that your case/psu will be insufficient for a more modern cpu/memory. You would most likely need a new case (with proper cooling) and a more powerful power supply unit as well.

    That being said, you can still put together a new, non-obsolete and supportable system by salvaging some of your old parts. You could do this for only a few hundred dollars and be back in "the game" so to speak... as well as future ready.

    As already explained, you can go AMD or Intel as AMD makes wonderful and cheap CPU's. Either way though, you're going to need case, motherboard, cpu, memory and videocard (pci-express) at the minimum.

    A new case + entry level PCI-Express videocard will run you about $200 US right off the bat (say an Antec Sonata-II w/ 450W power and Saphire X1600 Pro 256 mb, pci-express... about $199 for the pair). If this is already out of your ballpark of spending, we wont bother to price out the remaining components.

    Let us know what you're interested in. We can show you budget motherboard, cpu and memory combinations that will work with the above case/psu/videocard.
  9. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    I dont think DDR is "obsolete", it isnt cutting edge, but that does not make it obsolete. ( Sdram is obsolete.) and the fastest most expensive DDR2 modules still have a latency that is equivalent to Bargain DDR ram.

    The best bang for your buck that will give you a decent performance boost is still going to be going with a P4P800SE and 1Gb (512 X 2 Pc3200) of Dual channel ram. If y can spend more then by all means go PCI Express and DDR2.

    * I just replaced and Intel 850 mobo with 512 RDram with a P4P800SE and 1 GB of kingston HyperX (2X 512mb) and it is a much better performer.
  10. awsskater892

    awsskater892 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 96

    Ok.... WOW, thats so much info! hows this sound:

    i have enough fans in the computer, so i dont need to worry about that, Im going to purchase the X-Discovery case, get this motherboard:


    Use the 1gb stick of ddr ram that i already have and purchase a pack of 2 sticks of 512 pc3200 ram.

    Then replace the videocard to some pci express (but not sure what yet)

    Buy a decent soundcard

    Replace the really slow dvdrw drive witha dl-dvdrw drive
    and either keep the 350w power supply i currently have, use the one from the X-Discovery case, or buy a more powerful one (Is 350w going to be enough for my set up?)

    I probably will save some money because i will purchase a couple of the stuff through ebay, alot of people dont trust ebay, but ive bought ALOT and never have any problems.
  11. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    Dual channel requires TWO or FOUR sticks of ram to operate. you cannot run Three sticcks of ram in dual channel.

    What brand PSU? if it is a quality PSU, MAYBE, but it would be marginal at best. a 350 Watt generic, comes with the case model? JUNK.

    And BioStar is what is referred to as a Third Tier mobo maker. their motherboards are cheap becasue they are not the quality of the Mobo's from first tier makers like Asus, Abit, gigabyte, etc. if you want a good chance of problems go with the biostar.
  12. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    I would just re-iterate that investing any cash into an AGP system is a bad decision, in my opinion. It's a dead-end standard that already has been surpassed greatly by PCI-E options so you're already, today, crippled in your upgrade path down the road. This makes it a poor investment.

    As far as DDR goes, it's also going the same way as larger memory model games and applications (especially with Vista and DX10 coming) emerge. DDR2 is mostly untapped but it's higher bandwidth is going to come into play in the next 8-14 months, mark my words.

    If you *must* save pennies to stick with the ddr memory you have, then by all means invest in a Socket 939 mainboard with PCI-Express. This will at least remove the obsolete AGP from the picture and allow the money you spend today to at least not be obsolete the moment you spend it.
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