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By JacK_of_SpadeS
Jan 4, 2007
  1. I have recently become interested in the idea of overclocking my PC. I have read a couple of technical articles discussing the subject but I think that may be the wrong place to start. I read a sticky in this forum that helped me out quite a bit. The system that I am working with is as follows:

    Mobo--Asus PB5-E
    RAM--Corsair Twin2X 1024A-6400
    CPU--Intel Pentium D 805 2.66 GHz; 533 MHz FSB
    GPU--SAPPHIRE ATI Radeon X1300
    HDD--320GB Western Digital 7K SATA2 Model WD3200KS

    That is the important stuff. I obviously went with a higher-end power supply because the price is good, and an Arctic Cool Freeze 7 Pro because cooling seemes to be the most important issue today. (AC7 Pro had nearly flawless reviews on newegg)

    So what I have heard you are supposed to get a lot of room to OC this processor and a little bit of room to OC this RAM, however, each adjustment I have made; whether it be Volts, MHz or Multiplier, I have to reset my BIOS because my computer simply will not run.

    I would really appreciate if someone would give me some insight regarding OverClocking and even some specifics about some of the equipment that I have.

  2. nismo91

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    The adjustment of the multipliers (CPU), volts, hertz and so on, usually done in the BIOS. For the ATIx1300, you can use atitool software to oc it, its very easy for the ati. But for the other like RAM, and CPU, obviously you need a application that could do that. I myself do not know what is the program exactly, but doing OC is not difficult at all, but the risk of damaging your stuff will be yours.
    btw you should go here for more info
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  4. tweakboy

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    That is a very weak GPU , No matter how much you OC that thing, games will still run in slow motion,

    Try putting in a 1800 series and youll double your performance,, the CPU is definitely not a bottleneck in this instance,

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