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By pervypixie
May 29, 2006
  1. I've been pretty stupid with one of my assignments and am now desperately trying to get it done before tomorrow, it was all going so well...but now I've hit a brick wall and am so frustrated and angry with myself I could cry.

    I'm not asking for a full answer, because that would be cheating (although I may be open to bribes), I really just need a huge kick start.

    The object of the program is to enter a strand of DNA and from that locate the start and stop codons (which I think I know how to do), then display the length of the gene and the gene itself.

    Sounds easy, but to a novice like me it's making my brain hurt!

    What I need help on is getting the function displayGene defined.....I'm quite embarressed that I just can't get my head around it. After all this far into the course I should know these things.....and I know the answer is rattling around in my head somewhere, but it's in hiding with my mind!!

    If you need more info just let me know.

  2. bushwhacker

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  3. pervypixie

    pervypixie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I know this is tech assistance, I was asking for help with a program that deals with DNA sequencing.

    Nevermind I'll carry on staring at the coding until inspiration hits.

    (sorry if I sound off or whatever, I'm just really fed up with it all right now).
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