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Apr 12, 2007
  1. OK I recently replaced a motherboard in an E-machine. Everything seemed to go smoothly but lately it's been rebooting itself every 1-1 1/2 days. I've swapped RAM and tried all the suggestions I've found here but no luck. Ive uploaded a couple of minidumps. Can one of you guru's let me know what you think?


  2. windmill007

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    Have you tryed to run memtest (memtest 86+) and processor burnin (prime 95) to test if either of those components are bad. Also maybe try a different powersupply. Or it could be where the computer is plugged in..I.E bad power

    Also you might want to check the temp. I had a computer that would freeze and the heatsink on the processor was backwords causing it to everheat.
  3. graffix

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    I have been running a burn-in test that does hit the CPU and mem and like I said I have already tried swapping out the RAM with no change in behavior. The new MB came with a new PS that they insisted I install, so I did. I guess I could try the old PS just to see if that is the cause, hadn't thought about that but I'll give it a try. I agree that a CPU temp that is too high will cause it to lock up but that's not happening, it just reboots.

    Thanks for the reply, I'll post if anything changes.

  4. windmill007

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    The only other thing is maybe drivers. Sometimes updating to all the current drivers can help. I know its a emachine so probable not many new drivers but worth a shot to try that too. Can you see what the stop error is when it reboots? It could be something in windows causing it and sometimes the stop error or if you look in the event viewer sometimes that will show some errors and lead to the problem. I know those problems can be very hard to find the cause. If you have time an easy way would be to throw in a new hard drive with windos on it and install all the drivers in it and see if it ever reboots. If not I would say they was something screwy in windows and a reformat/reinstall might be the ticket.
  5. Tmagic650

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    did you get the exact Emachines motherboard? Use the new supply and don't even consider using the old power supply unless you want to trash the new motherboard! If the new motherboard is a close replacment, you will have to do a "fresh" install of XP. The Emachines support site will also tell you this.

    The minidumps point to IP Misaligned and NToskrnl.exe... 2 minidumps are not enough to diagnose troubles, but since this is an Emachines, all logical troubleshooting is not necessary. Do a full format and reinstall XP from a retail copy of XP. DO NOT use the Emachines recovery CD's!
  6. graffix

    graffix TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks everyone

    I hung a new HDD on it to test and it ran for several days without issue. I'm going to reformat and reload a fresh copy of XP.

    TMagic, I never did put the old PS back in figuring that wasn't a good idea. The new MB is an exact match but I'm going to reload it with my copy of XP. Doubt the customer could find the recovery CD's anyway :)

    thanks again everyone for your time and efforts!!!

  7. Tedster

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    anytime you replace the motherboard you will need to reinstall windows -even if it is an exact match. The serial numbers are different and windows knows this.
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