Need Mobo thats works well with AMD 6000 x2

By Morick
Sep 4, 2007
  1. Hey all:) awhile back a had(and still have) a bad overheat issue with the mainboard im using now its a m2n-e and I'm about to just get another one but first I really need peace of mind that I'd be getting one that won't give me as many problems getting it to work with all my equipment. Im using:

    2G of mushkin ram
    GTS evga geforce 8800
    amd X2 64 athlon 6000
    The bad reviews on availible mobos at newegg have me worried so I really need advice from some experts. could anyone recommend a good stable and reliable motherboard that works best with my above equipment? I'm not overclocking since I'm barely getting this thing to run anyways. Any info at all would be helpul thanks :)

    PS: I'll also need a COLD case to keep these hot things cool so any case recommendations would be great too , I'm already thinking on a thermaltake with as many fans as possible.
  2. Tmagic650

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    You need a good HSF (CPU Heatsink/fan) assembly more than more case fans. Make sure you use a good thermal compound too. All it takes is a VERY small amount of thermal compound!
  3. Tmagic650

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  4. Morick

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    Ok i made the terrible decision to get the following from newegg

    m2n-sli deluxe from asus
    zalman 9700 for the cpu heatsink and
    the antec 900 gamercase for a cool solution

    again the components ill be using are an evga geforce 8800 gts 640mb and
    6000 x2 for the amd cpu. This look like a good combination? I just want stability and reliability is all and its hard to find a good mobo with 100 percent good reviews so I guess it'll have to be a risk.
    Thanks again for the help guys( for cooling solutions and the zalman)
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