Need: OptOut (final version) freeware

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Mar 9, 2002
  1. OptOut (final version)

    Does anyone have a copy of the final version of OptOut (before it was discontinued)? (Fully functional freeware copy) ? I know about, love and use Ad-Aware. I would like a copy of OptOut also though. Can someone e-mail it to me?
  2. uncleel

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    Re: OptOut (final version)

    FREEWARE is legal folks, & I'm sure he'll make it available.

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  3. Whack0

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    I found OptOut for you! :grinthumb

    The only catch is.... you gotta set your clock back before the expiration date for it to work.

    Enjoy :)

    /edit: it's not the final version, unfortunately.... (sorry)
  4. CptSiskoX

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    Thanks :)
  5. CptSiskoX

    CptSiskoX TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 32

    Unfortunately, it is not the final version 1.0 though, it's a pre-release beta. See:

    <<<This Preview Release Copy
    of "OptOut" has Expired!

    In order to prevent this virgin preview release of OptOut from being used after bugs or other problems may have been discovered, this program has expired itself.>>>

    If anyone can find a copy of the final version 1.0 please post info here, thanks!
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