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By theinexplicable
Jun 10, 2007
  1. A while ago my computer started having boot disk errors. After a day of troubleshooting and a chat with a friend I discovered it was the result of bad sectors in the HD and i was told to "buy a new HD asap". my friend propped up the old HD with his computer magic but suggested i still buy the new hd.. so i bought a Samsung HD501LJ 500GB SATA hardrive off of new egg and scrounged around for the power and data cables. right now the new and old HD are both connected to my computer and the computer still boots from the older HD but i can't for the life of me get it to register the samsung HD. i checked to enable it in the bios despite reading several posts saying that messing with the bios was unnessecary (i'm running Phoenix award bios btw) and the only option dealing with sata is SATA RAID ROM enabled/disabled.
    other info:
    - i read somewhere that the jumper needed to be in the second column and so it is
    -the hardrive is indeed on, i can press tab immediately after the setup screen and it gives me a "VT8237 SATA RAID BIOS" screen. while it doesn't let me highlight any of the options i can at least see the name and version number of the hd. i assume that this screen won't let me do anything because i only have 1 SATA HD.
    -if it matters my motherboard is a ABIT VT7 and is equipped with 2 Sata ports.
    -when i check disk drives in the admin options it doesn't show the sata drive (nor is it in my computer).

    that's just about all i can think of right now, please help. i've been working on this since noon 6/9/07 and wan't to finish before work on monday. thanks in advance.
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    1. SATA drivers are installed when installing windows.
    2. It is unadvisable to mix IDE and SATA. Yes it will work, some motherboards it won't. And windows can have issues.
    3. You will need to have your sata driver handy when installing windows on the new drive
    4. SATA drives are not jumpered. They have their own assigned channels.
    There is no such thing as a master or slave SATA drive.
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