Need serious help with my display problems :(

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Oct 9, 2006
  1. Hello to all out there, this is my first post here, i'm a newcomer here and hopefully i can receive some guidance here and in near future, be able to help others too :)

    Ok my pc problem goes like this:

    Sometimes when i play World of Warcraft or other programs that has heavy memory usage, after some time my screen will start to show many colour lines all over in the display and they'll keep "jumping" here and there, sort of like a spoilt TV. Only difference is that it has coloured horizontal and vertical lines. Soon after this, my screen will either freeze till i reset my pc, or it'll just auto reboot itself.

    When this happens, the following are the probable scenarios that might happen:

    01. The com successfully reboots itself. i can see display on the monitor and it enters windows, but after which the problem will arise again like before.

    02. I can't see display on the monitor, there's no beeping sounds at all. The PSU seems to be working, the dvd/cd drive still opens.

    What i've tried is unplugging the ram,graphics card, and the video cable, and all of these will allow me to see the display on the monitor once in a while..

    Can anyone tell me what's the problem with my pc? :( Thanks so much for your help and assistance, really appreciated :)
  2. Shoupie080

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    What type of system do you have?
    I had a similar problem with an older cpu and it was due to my GPU overheating. So take that into consideration. Also, what type of monitor do you have? Older CRT monitors will do exactly what you describe when they start to go bad.

    good luck
  3. Rik

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    Shoupie080 is right about the possibility of the problem being your graphics card overheating, but i disagree about it possibly being the monitor as monitor problems wont make the pc have problems!!!

    Remove all dust from your graphics card and check to see if the fan works, if it doesn't, replace it!!
  4. Shoupie080

    Shoupie080 TS Rookie Posts: 67

    Indeed Rik. I was referring to the "coloured horizontal and vertical lines" possibly due to monitor going bad. Although I highly doubt it's a combination of the two. I'm still banking on the GPU overheating.
  5. zylos86

    zylos86 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    my system is actually quite old, below are my specs:
    P4 Titan 845PE Mobo
    Intel CPU 2.66
    Nvidia FX5200 <-- very old graphics card
    Having 512SDRAM for the moment, not sure about the brand.

    Hmm, i'm not too sure if i'm having an overheating issue because i actually have removed the metal casing so that there's always a manual fan blowing at the hardware whenever i uses the com..

    seems like my com's pretty beyond hope :(
  6. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    What driver version are you using for your graphics card?
  7. Shoupie080

    Shoupie080 TS Rookie Posts: 67

    Computers will restart themselves during an application if a certain component fails or gets to hot. I still think your card is overheating. Try downloading a GPU temp. monitoring program and see if this is the case. Or, if you have an extra GPU laying around throw that in and see if it fixes the problem. I really believe you're issue is with your GPU.

    good luck
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