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May 2, 2005
  1. Need some advice

    According to, which I think is the best site for antivirus program review and comparisons, I saw that the best antivirus software were:

    1. Kaspersky Personal Pro version 5.0.20 - 99.28%

    2. AVK version 15.0.5 - 97.93%

    3. F-Secure 2005 version 5.10.450 - 97.55%

    4. eScan Virus Control version 2.6.518.8 - 96.75%

    5. Norton Corporate version - 91.64%

    6. Norton Professional version 2005 - 91.57%

    7. McAfee version 9.0.10 - 89.75%

    8. Virus Chaser version 5.0 - 88.31%

    9. BitDefender version 8.0.137 - 88.13%

    10. CyberScrub version 1.0 - 87.87%

    I personally like kaspersky and F-Secure. What is the best site for firewall reviews and comparisons? Right now I have ZoneAlarm Security Suite 5.5. Firewall is good but virus protection sucks, and when its scans for viruses, it doesnt repair them. Whats the BEST free or store bought antivirus and firewall?
  2. zephead

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    avg free edition is easily available ( and proves a capable antivirus software. combined with a firewall software such as sygate personal firewall, you can have solid protection for a windows computer at no cost.

    as for purchased software, norton internet security 2005 is the way to go. nis 05 has norton antivirus built right in, in case you're wondering. i've owned every symantec product going back to nav 4.0 and through all the years they've kept my machine(s) running high and dry. it cost me $60 (USD), but in my opinion it was worth every penny. i'll bet realblickstuff gags when he reads this... :haha:

    as far as things to steer clear of, mcaffee is right up there with ecs and warm beer.
  3. AtK SpAdE

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    dude crazy kid

    Crazykid how many posts do you need? I swear you have made one already for this. But to answer your question (agian i think) I have Norton 2005 for my Firewall
  4. crazykid99

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    wut? I like posting up new threads. The more advice I get the more helpful it gets. And plus new people come to techspot and read my posts. Is BitDefender 8.0 pro with sygate any good? out of these firewalls: Sygate, Kerio, ZoneAlarm, Outpost, Norton. and Outpost, which one is the best? Out of these antiviruses: avg, avast, norton, bitdefender, antivir, kaspersky, nod32, f-secure, bullguard, which is the best?
  5. zephead

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    best av and firewall is NORTON INTERNET SECURITY 2005.

    do you even read what others say (which is to help YOU)?
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    stop annoying us with the same same stuff over and over again.
    This is your last warning!
    Any more and you will be banned!
    Thread closed.
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