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May 26, 2006
  1. Hello All!

    This may be in the wrong place but I would appreciate any help you can offer. Let me start by saying that we are US citizens living in the Czech Republic and so right from the start we have a huge language barrier. I am at work sending this message.

    Ok, here is our situation. We are renting a house and the landlord provides internet access for us. His office is just behind our house and they have cable modem installed. This is going into a router and a cable coming into our house for us to connect with. We have lived here almost a year and it has worked fine until March 6th. Yes, we have been without now for over 2 months trying to resolve this.

    We have a laptop and a desktop in the house. I have tried direct connecting both of them to the cable coming from the office and neither works. I've brought my laptop to work and it connects fine without any issues. So I'm thinking it is not a problem with our computers.

    The internet connection in the landlord's office is working fine. Back in February, the provider installed fiber optic lines to supposedly speed up our service. It went down March 6th and they didn't get it running again in our house or the office until May 2nd. We had internet for about 3 days, down again. As of yesterday it was working in the office but it is not in our house.

    Ok, here is the really strange thing. We use Skype in order to talk to our family and friends in the US. Skype is working on my computer. I can make phone calls to the US using VOIP without any problems. But I can't access the internet or get email via OE. Another strange thing. I am enrolled in an online university working on my masters degree. We use OE newsgroups for our classes. I can access my classes through the newsgroups but I cant send any emails. I can download and read the messages though.

    So it is sort of working but not completely. My first thought is it is a signal strength issue. I am totally baffled by this and when I try to ask for help I get nowhere and they keep telling me it is my computer. I really don't think it is. If something doesn't change soon, my red hair will be white!

    Thanks for any help
  2. N3051M

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    ok.. so you have modem>router>pcs.. now, is that router and pc's connected wirelessly??

    try going over your firewall and network connection settings on teh pcs, and also the settings on the router itself..

    what happens if you try pinging the router (usualy, or, check with your landlord or the manual..) and pinging/accessing your other pc through the network?

    have you tried checking the cables and such ok? also the router itself (by taking it out of the equation, pluging into the modem itself..

    also have you had your usual rounds of scanning for warez and virii?
  3. Nodsu

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    Could it be that your landlord switched ISPs and that you are required to use a proxy server for web traffic? Or vice versa - you have configured your browser to use a proxy?
  4. tdbsed

    tdbsed TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Hi. Thanks! I'll check the settings on my computer to see.

    We have the same provider as before. At least that is what they tell me. The only thing I know to have changed is the switch to fiber optics.

  5. tdbsed

    tdbsed TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I will ask the landlord if I can go to the office and connect directly to the modem and skip the router. Hopefully this will help.

    What I don't understand though is why Skype and my newsgroups are working but Yahoo messenger and IE are not working. Just too strange.

    I recently brought my computer to work to update my virus scan and it checked out fine. So I think that isn't an issue.
  6. jobeard

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    this sounds like a setup issue. if Skype can access the net, then IP is fine.
    Ask the LL to show you his settings for IE and his email client.

    On email, you're looking for the SMTP server config: a name and port
    On IE, most likely the question is use/not use a proxy and if so, what's the config?
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