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Oct 9, 2002
  1. i just got the philips rhymic edge and i was wondering what kind of speakers you guys recommended for it. i basicly bought the card to listen to music (mp3, wma, etc.). right now i have an old set of altec lansing speakers with the 2 speakers and subwoofer that use one plug. i plugged it in the front speaker terminal and its sounds good on the mid to high pitched sounds, but the bass isn't rounded enough for my taste. do you think this would be due to the speakers?
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    i'm not sure if it is your speakers or not but i have the creative inspire 5.1 system and it works great (good bass):)
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    In your case, your subwoofer might not powerful enough to deliver the punch u want.

    So what's your actual budget?

    Good computer speakers ranges from $50 to even more than $300. There are many speakers in the market to suit everyone's budget.

    Some high-end speakers are Klipsch Promedia series, Altec Lansing 641, Logitech z560, Cambridge Soundworks 510D, Boston Acoustics BA790 and many more. They are loud. All of them have its distinct good points. For instance, Altec Lansing 641 is more for bass freaks..good midrange and high range plus it is able gives you some the feel.

    If you are after quality rather than loudness, here are some"bang for buck" speakers like ATP3, Inspire 5300 , blah blah...

    The speaker market is actually big. It is advisablet to read some reviews on speakers which satistfies your budget by yourself. Perhaps later you can comeback for recommendation.
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    If music is your main thing (i.e. surround gaming/dvd isn't a big thing) then go for the MegaWorks 210D. I've got the 510D here though the satellites are the same as the 210D & the mid-range & bass is fantastic with them. Highs are fine too, nothing particularly great about them but better than most multimedia sets all the same.

    I can't stand listening to *anything* on the inspire 5300 anymore after I got the MegaWorks.

    If you can wait longer it'd be worth looking into the THX 250 from Cambridge SoundWorks, as the successor to the 210D the highs are meant to be more prominent for one. Shouldn't cost anymore than the 210D does either, supposedly even cheaper.

    Julio should be posting my 510D review up soon.
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