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Need spyware assistance

By macho23m
Jan 15, 2008
  1. core.cache.dsk removal

    I have spent last 7 days 3hrs a day on Google to search for a removal solution of this file/rootkit. I dont have Core file or folder anywhere on my machine. All i have is windows\system32\driver\core.cache.dsk file. My AVG and PC TOOLS spayware doctor can find it and remove it. I can do the same in Safe mode. I have used Killbox to delete it after next reboot. I dont have system restore enabled but after every restart it comes back. I cant fill out forms on any website for registration or anything. A blank window of internet explorer opens up when i try to type anything in txtbox. It thought i am good and smart enough to fight any Spyware but this one has made me surrender. I use Mcafee 2007 suite. Fully updated. I have used Ad-ware SE, Trend HouseCall online virus scan and everything i can find. I dont want to format and give up. I am an IT Consultant for 15yrs now and i dont easily format my Hard Drive for just a Pop-up and probably you guys will agree with me as well. I dont know where and how it came from? I have nothing in Registry either. Anyone out there who can suggest another route and help me to get rid of this RootKit? By the way i have used some Rootkit removal softwares too which i dont remember names of. I have downloaded and used anything i can find on internet to no avail. This is probably my last hope. But i will still not format my machine. Its brand new i have no data in the machine i am not going to loose anything but i want to know the solution of it.
    Many thanks to all who are trying to help out here.
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    OK I had a good search around too.
    Basically I don't like to format too, it would be a shame to format a customer's computer over this.

    Actually googled yielded quite a number of posts, but they all seem to say do the above (with restore off)

    Obviously keep the bug on your computer until you have the solution (ie don't format. You could also submit the bug to Symantec or Kaspersky or Spybots and lots of others, these companies are set up to deal with thes new threats, and will likely post a fix. (possible not to you exactly though)

    You could download sysinternals "Autoruns" to see what is starting with your computer.
    Also "filemon" to show what is actually running (process wise) when your trying to delete the file.
    Even "bootvis" shows you what drivers are loaded with Windows (delayed) and that may pinpoint the culprit.

    I suspect Autoruns is the best.

    Please try those, and report back.
    Don't leave TechSpot, I believe you may be ideal.

    By the way welcome to TechSpot :)

    Hmmm. you should've created a new thread, this one started 9 months ago
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