need sysprep expert !!

By girardfrancois ยท 4 replies
Oct 14, 2006
  1. Hi all

    can i clone with sysprep one machine and deploy the image on any kind of computers exept a MAC ? even if its a different MB or CPU or Chipset..

    I know if these component are different, i might have to reinstall drivers !!
    If someone really know about this please help me hahaha !!

    See ya soon
  2. rmcauley

    rmcauley TS Rookie

    it's been my experience that if you install all the INF files in the I386 directory and any additional drivers prior to sysprep'ing and specify in the sysprep utility to run Mini-Setup... you should be fine. There are some odd tricks and issues that you may run into depending on what type of OS software you are installing... OEM XP Pro vs. Volume/Select Licensing.... the way in which sysprep strips the SID and then attempts to regenerate SID's can be squirelly.... otherwise, it's an AWESOME way to deploy, standardize your workstations... also works well with Microsoft RIS....

  3. girardfrancois

    girardfrancois TS Rookie Topic Starter


    ill try that then but i think you just lit up something in my brain..
    Windows version !!!
    But if i sysprep a pc and clone the image to a laptop !!! do you think it can work...
    Does sysprep act diffirently on different windows xp ex: home oem or Xp pro corp ?
  4. rmcauley

    rmcauley TS Rookie

    Yes, I think you can do it... I know that I have done it in the past... as long as you add (install) any and all additional .INF files on your OS install disk (in the I386 directory) prior to copying up your image file. All sysprep does is strip the SID's, no matter what the version is... what get's tricky are the options you set sysprep to do... i.e. you cab have it regenerate SID or not... you can have it discover devices and drivers at install, etc, etc... And depending on what version of Windows you are running (OEM vs. SELECT) will depend on how well sysprep actually strips your sid information (if needed at all)... the options are countless.... Hence my post that I have up regarding user permisssions and some odd things that happen when you use an OEM disk to create and then distribute it down to the workstations via ghots...
  5. smore9648

    smore9648 TS Rookie Posts: 697

    The reference computer and the client computers must have the same hardware (HAL)

    Sysprep detects PnP during Minisetup Wizard, but does not detect hardware that is not PnP
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