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Aug 6, 2003
  1. Ive got a Chaintech 7KJD mobo and with Motherboard Monitor and CPU Cool I only get a CPU reading of 114* but I can get the real readings in the BIOS. This is the first time Ive had a problem with MoBo Monitor. My system is overclocked and even though it runs flawlessly I like to keep an eye on the temps especially when Im gaming. Is there a way to get the BIOS temps through Windows??
  2. olefarte

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    You might want to look at this link I posted. Look at the first one, HMonitor, that's my favorite, easy to use, at least till the demo ran out, and I want a free one. You might give it try and see what you think about it. I'm using the Intel Monitor now, but I have an Intel motherboard.
  3. acidosmosis

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    You could download a program called Motherboard Monitor, which is what a lot of hardcore gamers use to monitor things such as temperature, PSU voltage rails, etc. It is very customizable and free. You can set it so that the temperature displays in your system tray OR so that the temperature displays on your monitor where it is viewable no matter what you are doing (even if your inside of a game you can see it).
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    I got the latest version of Motherboard Monitor and I think its working. Its reporting my CPU running between 134-158*. The 158* is while gaming. Is that high??? My OC'd Thunderbird only got up to 135*, usually stayed around 115*. If thats the right reading I guess I'll have to start taking the side panel off while gaming.
  5. vegasgmc

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    Just installed Hmonitor and the 3 temps its giving me arent even close to the temps MoBo monitor is giving but seem to be more inline with what I think the temps should be. I should have gotten a better motherboard.
  6. dank7737

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    I reccomend not using a program at all, its a P.I.T.A to check it that frequently when ur playing a game, and ive found programs to not be accurate enough, in fact have been 14*C off for me in the past. Your best bet is to dish out like 20-30 bucks and buy a lcd display screen that fits in a drive bay with your cd-roms. Trust me, ITS WORTH YOUR MONEY!!!! I use this one here, it has a blue background light so you can read it at night, it displays 2 temperatures, cpu and case, and has 8 fan controllers so that you can adjust the speeds at which your fans work (RPM'S). This one ran me like 20 bucks i think, check out Newegg and some other sites for it.

  7. gsgleason

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    How does that panel get the temp of the cpu? Also, do all the fans connect to it?
  8. StormBringer

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    The panel works like a digital thermometer, becausde that is what it is. It also has a digital tach for the fan speed. It is a basically a meter, no software to be buggy or to crash. If you look around you can find many variations of that panel from many manufacturers.
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