Need to convert some music..Help!!

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Jan 28, 2004
  1. Something i've never even thought about but now need to do.

    I want to convert (Some How) a few cassette's music and burn them to CDR. I have a old Cass player.... and of course my PC with burner.

    How does one go about this..??
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Just purchase the Windows XP PLUS! Media Center Edition for $20, it has a thing called Analoge converter. It works flawlessy to convert old tapes, seperates the tracks, and then to burn them to CDR's!
  4. councillor

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    So, buy the XP plus for the convertor....done!! Hate to be so dumb but how does one connect the cass player to the computer.?? Cable from sound out of cass player to ??

    And I guess the analoge convertor will capture the tunes after all the connections are made.............huh??
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    Ok if you are using some sort of a stereo cassette thing that has rca outputs, you'll need to buy a cable form Radioshack that has a headphone jack on one end, and two rca male plugs on the other. You'll need to plug it into your Line in, or microphone port on the back of the pc. As far as actually doing it, its very simple, start the analogue converter program(Start, All programs, Plus!, Analogue converter(or something like that),you select where to find the audio(Select line in, or microphone, depending on where you plugged it in) And then play the music so it can set itself. Then rewind the music and hit play and record on the program. It will automatically record everything and stop recording when your tape stops playing. It will also devide the tracks for you. It's very easy to use.

    Make sure you buy the Plus! Media Center Edition, not the other Plus! Edition...
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    Just get a cable with a 3.5mm male connector on each end(might need the larger 1/4" male if that is what your player has, you can either buy it with the 1/4" on one end or get an adapter). Connect one end to the headphone jack of the cassette player and the other to the "Line-in" on your sound card. Now just record from the line-in of the soundcard, using the method of whatever sound editor you chose to use.

    Also, there is no need to buy extra software packages, if you are going to buy something, get a good sound editor, though there are decent free ones out there, just check places like
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    i recommend you use digital performer (latest version) if are to buy a sound editor. its a flawless program.
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    sorry, dp is only available for macs. i swear i saw a windows version.....
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  10. councillor

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    Thanks All !!!!

    If it can't be done from what you'll gave up....... i can't do it :)
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